Compassionate Funeral Services 

At Fields-McKinley Funeral and Cremation Services, we understand that losing a loved one is always a difficult experience. Our morticians aim to make the funeral process a stress-free experience for the family and friends of the departed. 

Our funeral directors ensure that our honorable veterans are treated with dignity and the respect they deserve. Since 1970, we have been providing a wide range of funeral services in Grant, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Wyoming and the surrounding area. Let us be with you on the path of healing and acceptance. Call us at (231) 674-5514 for more information. 

We Provide:

  • Burial Services
    • When burial has been selected, typically ceremonies are designed with the casket in mind. Traditionally families participate in a viewing followed by a funeral service in a church. This option though, is not your only choice. 
  • Cremation Services
    • Cremation is an alternative to the traditional burial service and does not limit in any way how you choose to celebrate the life of your loved one. Personalized memorial services allow memories to be shared and the life of your loved one to be reminisced. We are here to answer your questions and bring peace to any concerns that you may have. 
  • Military Funeral Services
    • Tradition, honor, and dignity are the hallmarks of a military funeral. No matter which combination of ceremonial elements you choose to include, well help you pay tribute in a way that celebrates their sacrifice, patriotism, and dedication. 
  • Pet Cremation Services
    • To the humans that love them, pets are more than just animals. They're quirky, patient, and individual spirits with unlimited amounts of unconditional love to give. When a beloved pet passes away, cremation can be a meaningful way for you to care for their physical remains and celebrate your special bond while bringing closure to you and your family. 
  • Funeral Home Services
    • Acknowledging your loss with family and friends through a funeral service gives everyone the opportunity to express their emotions, share memories and find comfort through the support of all who attend. We can help you create a personalized funeral ceremony that expresses the individuality and unique traits of your loved one. We are here to assist you in creating a service that will both heal hearts and honor the life of your loved one.
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